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Ezhutharinathar Temple - Thiruvalanchuzhi

God - Karpahanadheswarar
Goddess - Periya Nayagi
Holy Water - Kaveri, Arasalaru, Jada Theertham
Holy Tree - Vilvam
Festivals -  
Place -  

Thiruvalanchuzhi Ezhutharinathar Periyanayaki TempleSri Kabartheeswarar Temple is situated at Thiruvalanchuzhi, a village located just 6 kms near Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, India. Thiruvalanjuzhi is considered to be the 25th in the series of Thevara Sthalams in the Chola kingdom located South of the river Kaveri.

Legend: Legend has it that the Devas, forgot to worship Lord Ganesha before starting to churn the "Paarkadal". Hence, they were only able to get the Alakala Poison out of it. Later Indra, the king of Devas realised that, it was because they did not worship Ganesha before starting their mission. Lord Indra created this idol out of the foam (Kadal Nurai) that was generated from the milky ocean churned by them, in their quest for the celestial nectar Amrudham. Swetha Vinayakar, a white colored statue of Ganesha is the diety of worship here. After they worshipped this idol made of foam , they were able to take out the Amrudham from the Ocean.

It is believed that once Kaveri went back into the earth due to come out of Adhishesan from depth and people were worried without the existence of holy river. A Rishi by name Heranda Muni went inside the small passage where River Kavery went inside the Bhumi and sacrificed himself. After this incident, River Kavery came back to the surface near this shrine, and made a complete circle towards the right and hence the village got the name Thiruvalanchuzhi.

The temple theertham are Kaveri, Arasalaru and Jadatheertham. Umayammai, Thirumal, Indhran, Brahma, Adhisheshan, Eranda Munivar are said to have worshipped here and got grace of Siva.

As Thiruvidaimarudhur is the temple for Lord Mahalingam and it is vinayagar temple for its parivara thalam.

The other names of the Lord Siva are Kabartheeswarar, Karpaganadheswarar, Valanchuzhi Nadhar. Praganayagi is the another name of Periyanayagi amman. This temple name is known as Vellai Pillaiyar (Swetha Vinayakar or Nuraippillaiyaar) Temple by the people around the place.

Inscriptions reveal that Raja Raja Cholan had made several endowments here. There are also inscriptions from the period of Parantaka Chola I.

The hymns of Thirugnana Sambandhar addressed to Karpahanadheswarar in awe.

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